Possible uses

For baby and adult teeth...!

All dentists recommend using dental floss, for children as well as for teenagers and adults. A card with a promotional and informative design with 10 meters of dental floss is a great medium for many possible uses, e.g. in the field of:

  • Oral care
  • Information
  • Prevention
  • Dental health.

The DentaFlossCard is therefore a great communication medium for:

  • Events
  • Mailings
  • Seminars
  • Campaigns
  • Conferences
  • Travel activities
  • Circulars to members
  • Enclosures in trade magazines
  • Semester campaigns for students.

Your own employees would also be delighted with a specimen, which promotes and strengthens the corporate identity. The card can be kept for a considerable time and used again and again.

... as well as for dentures & implants!