Quality makes the difference!

  • Format:                           Original credit card or Postcard size
  • Material:                          Picture print, Chromolux or environmental cartons
  • Colour:                            4/1c and more
  • Print varnish:                  Matt, gloss or UV-varnish (upon request)
  • Finishing:                        Cellophane wrapping or e.g. scent molecules
  • Cutting die:                     Rounded corners
  • Processing:                    (Double) groove or (double) perforation
  • Coin capsule:                 Crystal clear from polystyrene with a double margin
  • Blister packaging:         transparent PET 0.3 mm  
  • Special coin sets:          Uncirculated, mirror shine or "proof quality“
  • Cash coins:                    (Mint condition) roll goods
  • Medals:                           Custom-designed versions
  • Chips:                             Wood, plastic, metal or porcelain
  • Packaging:                     Quality plastic bags

Quality brings the customer back!