Areas of use

The image card for a mailing!

Like many of the other products available from HGH Card & Care Service, the ReliefCard can be given to others as a gift or sold.

Gift ideas:

There are multiple opportunities to use a ReliefCard in one of the 4 sizes:

- an event                                                    - a gala
- a wedding                                                 - a birthday
- a campaign                                               - a mail shot
- a flight or cruise                                        - a reception
- a new product launch                              - an anniversary
- or a company presentation                     - a Christmas party.

This high quality card will be fondly remembered for a long time – available with or without your own logo!


Memories are dear and valuable to many people. Therefore, souvenirs are particularly treasured and appreciated. The more this souvenir is connected with a visit or trip, the greater the desire for an original memento. With its sophisticated structures, the ReliefCard made of wood is an unusual and high quality product discernable for many details.

The following areas of use with the corresponding retail outlets present themselves:
   - Tourist information office  (Service point or sales desk)
   - Souvenir shop                  (Internal shops)
   - Rail journey                      (Train shop)
   - Cruise                               (On-board sales)
   - Flight                                 (On-board sales)
   - Hotel                                 (Reception).

What use is a great moment if there’s nobody to share it with?! That’s why many people often send their relatives, friends and work colleagues a greeting card.

With the ReliefCard you can send
                - a silhouette,
                - a view
                - or a building in 3D
which will put a smile on the face of its recipient back home.
A suitable envelope is also included. The lasered wooden card with the fold-out motif is sure to find pride of place anywhere.

Special cards for special occasions!