The Medical Advertising Tool

... for doctors and clinics!

For specialist-medical use (e.g. vaginal ultrasound), the SonoCard with protective covers without reservoir tips (so-called “medical condoms”) presents a completely new and interesting advertising medium for the following businesses, among others:

  • Manufacturers of ultrasound probes and proctoscopes
  • University clinics and medical centres in line with a campaign
  • Pharmaceutical industry for gastroenterology, gynaecology, proctology and urology.

As with the condoms, the shelf life of protective covers without tips is 4 years.

Depending on the number of protective covers, the appropriate product variant is used:           

  • 1 protective cover in square sealing foil => SonoCard square1one
  • 2 protective covers in square sealing foil => SonoCard square2two.

SonoCard square1one - outside

SonoCard square1one - inside

SonoCard square2two - outside

SonoCard square2two - inside

Passend zu den Schutzhüllen bietet der HGH Card & Care Service auch das dazugehörige Sonogel® im Sachet an. Für den werblichen Einsatz gibt es diese Möglichkeit:

  • 1 Sachet in rechteckiger Siegelfolie => SonoCard square2two.

The legal labelling for both cards is printed on the outside and inside. All folding cards are sealed with a 20 mm round transparent adhesive point after filling.

...for industry and trade!