The Product!

Masks in folding cards –
information plus advertising!

Who would have thought that we’d have to wear face masks here in Europe? Up to this point, it’s something we’d only ever seen on TV in pictures from the Far East. “It’s the latest fashion!” say our doctor. Now we need to make the best out of it and combine the unpleasant with the useful.

That’s why HGH Card & Care Service is supplying face masks, some of which are even CE-certified medical devices corresponding to EU Medical Devises Ordinance 2017/745 (MDR). They are finished off with folding cards with wings and which can be tailored individually. There are 2 formats: square and oblong.

This folding card has been designed in a square format in accordance with the format of an FFP2 mask, the associated information folder and the cellophane bag. Many companies have a square company logo or product logo. This MaskCard provides adequate advertising space for this.

Due to the content (1 or 2 masks with a folder in a poly bag), it is as large as a small chopping board or a network router, providing plenty of space for information and advertising. The oblong MaskCards have the largest advertising space of all the HGH Card & Care Service cards.

Answering the following 5 questions will help to determine the most suitable product variant:

  1. Which type of mask is required:
    FFP2, Surgical, or Fabric Mask?
  2. In which country should the mask be manufactured:
    Germany, Lithuania or China?
  3. Who are your target clients:
    adults or children?
  4. Which colour mask is preferred:
    white, pink, red, light blue, green, black etc.?
  5. What type of folding card is preferred
    oblong or square?

Product variants:

  • MaskCard square14fourteen
  • MaskCard adults2two
  • MaskCard black2two
  • MaskCard kids2two.

Folding cards:

  • punched cardboard packaging with two wings
  • customer-specific layout (one or two-sided)
  • labelling in accordance with legal requirements
  • picture printing board 300 g/m² (matt or glossy)
  • free choice of other cardboard packaging, e.g. eco cardboard
  • offset printing in 4c Euroscale or special colours plus printing varnish
  • circular, transparent sealing glue dot on the back of the folding card.


  • 14 x 14 cm or 24 x 13 cm advertising space
  • wings with manufacturer information
  • one-sided or two-sided.


  • resealable cellophane bag
  • insert folder with legal labelling
  • and instructions in your language.


The masks are already produced in high units so that all masks are available now ex stock. The turnaround time for orders is therefore dependent on the following 4 factors only:

  • layout by end customer or their agency
  • printing of folding cards following print-release
  • subsequently manual assembly
  • delivery via parcel service or specified carrier.

The manufacturer has indicated that the minimum shelf life of the masks is 2 years. The potential marketing applications are very versatile and applicable for every industry as everyone needs to protect themselves and others with a face mask – and not just during a pandemic as there are still other bacteria, germs and viruses in addition to the coronavirus.

Quote from a conversation between two patients in a doctor’s waiting room: one said to the other:
“I’ve been less ill ever since I’ve been wearing a mask.” And the other replied: “Me too!”.

For children and adults!