Erotic Accessories

Serious and Fun!

In line with the theme, the HGH Card & Care Service is offering some accessories concerning “the greatest pastime in the world” which, on one hand, have a serious side (hygienic disposal bags) and on the other hand should give you some fun (such as, e.g. tasty treats and games). Some fairly striking items, and some you won't see every day, are sorted into 5 categories:

  • Disposal bags and dispenser boxes
  • Peppermint and fruit gums
  • Playing cards and paper tubes
  • Fabric hats and ceramic parts
  • Key Rings and Advent Calendars.

Would you like other erotic items that go further, such as e.g.

  • cleaning spray for body and love toys
  • edible body paint with paintbrush
  • gift or combination sets.

With the right order quantity for an event or a campaign, the HGH Card & Care Service can surely present you with interesting products and offers.

Single-use or Reusable!