CoinCard DINA6 - Glue dot

1 postcard + 1 chip!

With the CoinCard DIN A6 – Glue dot in the original postcard format, the HGH Card & Care Service offers the 5th product variation, which has the largest advertising space. Both sides can be individually designed according to your preferences. You have the free choice of where you want the shopping trolley chip(s) to be glued onto the title page. If you would like to send your card by post, you must add an address label to the small cellophane bag.

These are the 7 features of the 2-sided postcard:

  •   Carrier card:                     picture print card 300 g/m²
  •   Finishing:                         UV-varnish on both sides
  •   Processing:                      cut edges and corners
  •   Plastic chip:                     ABS/Polystyrene, 2 mm thick
  •   Silicone glue dot:            semi-permanent, Ø 8 mm
  •   Small cellophane bag:    transparent, OPP 40 µ
  •   Packaging:                       manual.          

In addition, the chip can be integrated into an optional chip-holder. This is available in several attractive forms & colours, for example:

  • Heart
  • Animal
  • Cottage
  • Raindrop
  • Sunflower
  • Automobile
  • or an individual motife.

The finished article looks like this:

The CoinCard DIN A6 - Glue dot in postcard format has a lot of room, so that even several chips can be attached, possibly from all 3 materials:

  • plastic
  • birch wood
  • and metal.

CoinCard DIN A6 - Glue dot:

  •  postcard format: 14.8 x 10.5 cm
  •  2 sides that can be individually designed
  •  picture print card + dispersion varnish
  •  chip(s) made from plastic, wood and/or metal
  •  in a small transparent cellophane bag
  •  minimum order number: 500 pieces
  •  delivery time: approx. 2-3 weeks

1 glue dot + 1 small cellophane bag!