The Product

A fascinating advertising gift!

It is not always an easy task to find a suitable advertising medium that serves as both an effective contribution to the communication and marketing strategy whilst still viewed as an item of “value” by the intended recipient.

The cheque-sized StampCard – a product from the HGH Card & Care Service – provides multi-facetted use, attaining new methods of dialogue with potential clients. An individually designed advertising medium featuring mint postage stamps from around the world.

Cheque-card size marketing:

  • Original advertising product
  • Ideal for existing & potential new customers
  • Cost-effective & inexpensive promotional item
  • Universal usage & encourages communication
  • With practical additional feature

Advertising medium "StampCard":

  • Size: 8.5 cm x 5.4 cm
  • Weight: from 3.8 grams
  • Area: 3 to 7 sides
  • Print run: min. 500 pieces
  • Stamps: from 1 to 10 mint postage stamps

Reasons in favour of stamps & the "StampCard" as an advertising tool:


  • Post Offices are closing, making buying stamps more difficult.
  • Stamps often only available in sets of 10 or in sheets.
  • E-Mails – yes, but postage stamps are still needed.
  • Postage stamps not „state of the art“?


  • The StampCard provides solutions with stamps, information, & advertising!
  • A StampCard can be supplied with 1-10 special edition stamps!
  • Postages stamps are similar to cash, just when you need some, your wallet is empty!
  • Over 50 new releases every year in Germany!


  • Stamps are almost identical to cash!
  • The StampCard provides value + practical packaging
    = Image-Card for your company!

The way to your „StampCard“:


  • design an individual layout,
  • send an PDF-File,
  • choose a special edition stamp
  • International:
  • (and then country)
  • (with data bank)
  • and submit a written order.

The "HGH Card & Care Service":

  • offers a „Full-Service“,
  • coordinates the printing
  • and monitors quality control,
  • provides stamps from around the world,
  • processes the complete order,
  • coordinates the assembly:
    - glueing-in the transparency,
    - insertion of stamps,
    - filling of plastic bags & cardboard boxes
    - and delivers the StampCards.

The StampCard® - made in Germany!