The Product

Awesome new product for 2015!

A chip,  a token, or a coin - attractive, useful and valuable - an absolute eye-catcher with the right packaging! But only with the right packaging do they really stand out. Because they can be individually customised, the advertisement and image carrier comes in the form of a cool CoinCard! The HGH Card & Care Service offers the product in 7 variations:

No. Product variants Technique   Contents  
1 CoinCard 2side - Glue dot Glue dot -



CoinCard 4side - Glue dot

Glue dot


- Chip

CoinCard 4side - Blister (pop-up)

Blister Coin Token Chip
2bb CoinCard 4side - Blister (pop-in) Blister Coin Token -
3 CoinCard 6side - Paper flat Paper flat - Token Chip
4a CoinCard DIN A6 - Glue dot Glue dot - - Chip
4b CoinCard DIN A6 - Capsule Capsule Coin Token Chip


CoinCard 2side - Glue dot

CoinCard 4side - Glue dot

CoinCard 4side - Blister (in the works)

CoinCard 6side - Paper flap

CoinCard DIN A6 - Glue dot

CoinCard DIN A6 - Capsule

The design that goes best with the usage option depends on the following criteria:

  • Will it be sold?
  • Will it be a giveaway?
  • Will it be suitable for a mailing?
  • How much advertising space is necessary?
  • What contents will it contain?
  • Should it be high-quality or environmentally friendly?
  • Should the contents be easily removable or attached relatively firmly to the package?
  • Which particular target groups should be reached by this?

Only the diverse combination possibilities make the different product variants really interesting:

  • 3 kinds of content
    • Token
    • Chip
    • Coin
  • 4 kinds of material
    • Environmental carton
    • Chromolux carton
    • Chromosulfat carton
    • Picture print carton + UV-varnish
  • 5 kinds of packaging
    • Coin capsule
    • Paper flap
    • Cellophane bag
    • Coin blister pack (pop-in)
    • Coin blister pack (pop-up).

Marketing with a folded card in a credit card format:

  • rounded corners
  • customisable
  • plenty of room for advertisements
  • with chip, token or coin
  • can be sent by mail and highly versatile

"CoinCard“: advertising medium

  • Formats: 7 product variants
  • Weight: 3 to 14 grams
  • Advertising area: 2 to 6 pages
  • Print run: from 500 pieces
  • Delivery time: from 2-3 weeks

The way to your "CoinCard": 


  • design your individual layout,
  • send a printable file,
  • choose the content,
  • determine the number of copies
  • and place a written order.

The "HGH Card & Care Service":

  • offers a "full service",
  • supervises printing,
  • takes over quality control,
  • provides the coins, tokens and chips,
  • processes the entire order,
  • coordinates packing
  • and delivers the CoinCards.

New paths into customer loyalty!