Wood or plastic!

The HGH Card & Care Service offers shopping trolley chips made out of birch wood or plastic to go in the CoinCard.

Not everybody goes shopping to the supermarket with a round birch wood chip, sourced from well-managed forests certified by the FSC. The circular "piece of wood" can also be printed in different colours.

These are the 6 characteristics of the wooden chips:

  • Material:                 birch wood
  • Diameter:               23.0 mm
  • Thickness:              2.0 mm
  • Design:                   with or without hole
  • Laser:                     on one or both sides
  • Print:                      up to 4c.

Using a laser to apply the advertisement has the following 5 advantages:

  • costs less,
  • looks stylish,
  • quicker to produce,
  • lasts a lot longer than printing
  • and goes well with the also lasered FSC logo on the other side.

The colourful plastic chips can likewise be pad printed in up to 4 colours, with e.g. your company or product logo. These 6 criteria are valid for a plastic chip:

  • Material:                ABS/Polystyrene
  • Size:                       23.2 mm
  • Thickness:             2.0 mm
  • Design:                   with or without hole
  • Print:                      up to 4c
  • Standard colours:    8 colours
    • white:          -                       -
    • yellow:         HKS 3             PMS Yellow C
    • orange:       HKS 8             PMS 158c
    • red:              HKS 14           PMS 186c
    •  light blue:   HKS --             PMS 283c
    • blue:            HKS 44           PMS 293c
    • green:          HKS 57           PMS 347c
    • black:   -                       -

Aside from the EURO-compatible model, the plastic chip is also available in different sizes, for example in SFR or US$ diameter.

With or without a hole!