Playing Cards and Paper Tubes!

The HGH Card & Care Service also offers some print media games as amusing and playful “accessories” to the condoms.

1. Playing Cards

As an entry into playful “acts”, the HGH Card & Care Service is first offering an erotic card game with 54 cards, each with “Kama Sutra Positions” depicted on them.

  • Packaging:   Box with tuck-in flaps
  • Format:         9.0 x 6.0 x 1.8 cm
  • MOQ:             from 200 sets
  • Contents:      54 cards
  • Weight:          80 g

2 jokers are also included. Have fun playing, winning and doing “game forfeits”!

2. Paper Rolls

Both heart-shaped boxes with 100 or 69 paper rolls offered by HGH Card & Care Service can become a “long-term project”. They feature verbal-erotic animations.

  • Packaging:   Heart-shaped box with lid
  • Contents:     100 or 69 paper rolls
  • Format:        14.5 x 14.5 x 5.0 cm
  • Colours:       pink or violet
  • MOQ:            from 50 pieces
  • Weight:        110 g
  • Versions:      2

2a. Foreplay                        

In our love lives “foreplay” that is to say the appetiser before the actual “main course”, is getting more and more attention. It doesn't just get us in the right mood, it relaxes us. Lavish and sensual foreplay increases the probability of satisfying sex, which becomes more intimate and intensive.

The stable, heart-shaped and pink-colour box contains 100 paper rolls with bilingually formulated partner tasks:

  • 42 pink rolls for HER
  • 42 white rolls for HIM
  • 16 yellow rolls for BOTH.

The instructions are devised in such a way that they create an excellent basis for pleasant and exciting foreplay. With the 100 paper rolls, each couple can jazz up their love life with exciting instructions 2 x weekly for 1 whole year. 

2b. Kama Sutra

After the stimulating “foreplay”, we move on to the main event, but we’re doing the thing properly with the “Kama Sutra”! The violet heart-shaped box contains 1 plastic pair of tweezers and 69 white paper rolls with bilingually written partner tasks, as well as corresponding illustrations.           

69 = the “number” is program:

69 paper rolls for 69 challenging love positions for passionate moments! One of the partners pulls a white roll out of the box with the white tweezers. The love positions mostly come from the ancient Indian writings of the Kama Sutra. It is important to practice mutual respect for one another when carrying out the positions. If one “exercise” is carried out 1 x weekly, the box will last longer than 1 year.

For HER and HIM!