CoinCard 4side - Glue dot

4 sides + 1 chip!

The CoinCard 4side - Glue dot is HGH Card & Care Service's "expanded model." The popular 4 sided folding card has a double tongue. This has the advantage of protecting the chip by fixing it with a glue dot to the lower inside cover so that is not immediately obvious. It makes for a nice surprise when you open the card and see your "bounty" inside.
All 4 sides can be completely individually customised. "Your gift" in the form of a plastic or wooden shopping trolley chip is attached to the lower inside cover with a semi-permanent silicone glue dot. Weighing only 4 grams, the card is suitable for use as a high circulation mailing supplement.

These are the 6 features of the 4 sided card:

  •   Carrier card:                     Chromolux-card 250 g/m² with double tongue
  •   Finishing:                         high quality dispersion print varnish
  •   Processing:                      stamped, rounded corners
  •   Plastic chip:                     polystyrene or birch wood
  •   Silicone glue dot:             semi-permanent, Ø 8 mm
  •   Packaging:                       manual.        

Whether it's the simple and more economical plastic chips or the more environmentally friendly and slightly more expensive birch wood chips – "your gift" will definitely go down well and be well received!

CoinCard 4side - Glue dot:

  •  closed format: 8.5 x 5.4 cm
  •  with double tongue
  •  4 customisable sides
  •  Chromolux-card + Dispersion varnish
  •   with 1 chip made from plastic or wood
  •  minimum order number: 500 pieces
  •  delivery time: approx 2-3 weeks

1 double tongue + 1 glue dot!