Similar and yet different!

To match the loooovely MobileCleanerCard, HGH Card & Care Service also offers the edible GingerbreadPhone. This is a product to really get your teeth into! It has the design of a smartphone and the customised 4c form on the marzipan slab opens up maaaany opportunities for product design and advertising messages.

The GingerbreadPhone is "Made in Germany" and has 3 vital constituent parts:

 - Basic ingredients:  Finest honey gingerbread
 - Frosting:                  Hand-made Belgian dark chocolate
 - Advertising:             4 colour printed marzipan slap for the display.

The GingerbreadPhone:

 - Size: 5.8 x 11.5 cm
 - Weight: 85 grams
 - Minimum print run: 50 pieces
 - Advertising: 4c on marzipan
 - Packaging: Cellophane bag
 - Delivery time: 2 weeks
 - Shelf life: 3 months

Edible mobile!