Marketing ideas

1 Idea = 1 Success!

For inspiration, here are 6 interesting projects you might like to reproduce:

1. Marketing Idea – COLOURS:

The colourful sealing foil is available for projects with 3-colour combinations. The main area of use is surely politics. From the “traffic light coalition” to the German “national colours” to the “Jamaica project”, everything is possible.

National colours

Trafic lights

Jamaika colours

2. Marketing Idea – GOLD:

What do you think of a “Golden Project”? Several condom manufacturers have condoms in gold-coloured sealing foil and even in both formats (oblong and square).

+  gold-coloured sealing foil
+  gold-coloured layout for the CondomCard®
=  The “Golden Project”!

3. Marketing Idea – LATEX-FREE:

Real novelties regarding the material are the latex-free condoms for allergies made from synthetic resin derivative AT-10 (instead of natural rubber latex).

4. Marketing Idea – VEGAN+ECO:

This project is so “up-to-date” and bound to be a great success. The „Vegan ECO-Project“ with the following highlights is right in line with the latest trends.

+  1 or 2 vegan condom(s)
+  within a coloured sealing foil
+  FSC-certified cardboard from 100% recycled paper
    waste with „Blue Enviromental Angel“ and „EU-Ecolabel“
=  The „Vegan ECO-Project“!

The target consumer groups are partial, part-time and full-time vegans.

FSC-certified environmentally cardboard

vegan and sensitive Condom

vegan and flavoured Condom

5. Marketing Idea – FRUIT:

The “Fruit Project”: The CondomCard® models square1one and square2two developed for square sealing foils can be filed with these 3 “fruit” varieties: strawberry, blueberry and vanilla.




6. Marketing Idea – STRAWBERRIES:

The best comes last – 2 “Strawberry Projects”:

a) the “entry model”: 46forty-six plus with 1 oblong sealing foil

+  1 red MK condom (oblong)
+  strawberry flavouring on the condom
+  strawberry scented coating on the CondomCard®
=  The “Strawberry Project-1”!

The “Fruit Project” can also be achieved with other fruit flavourings such as banana, peppermint and tutti frutti.

CondomCard 46plus with scented coating

red Condom with Strawberry flavouring

b) the “high-end solution”: square1one with 1 square sealing foil

+  1 red MK condom (oblong)
+  vegan (with green vegan logo)
+  fair trade (with fairtrade rubber logo)
+  strawberry flavouring on the condom
+  strawberry scented coating on the CondomCard®
=  The “Strawberry Project-2”!

If it’s all about strawberries, nobody can barely resist!

CondomCard square1one with scented coating

red and vegan Condom with Strawberry flavouring

6 Projects = 6 Campaigns!