CondomCard® square1one

1 Condom in square sealing foil!

With the CondomCard® square1one everything is square: the folding card and the sealing foil of the enclosed condom. The perfectly fitting inside space is filled with your “give away”: the singly wrapped condom!

For an individual presentation in your corporate design with photos, sketches, graphics and/or informative text, the following areas are available:

  • 1 front side
  • 2 side wings
  • 1 fold-in flap side.

The fold-in back side and part of the outer side are reserved for the following legal information which must be printed on the outer packaging:

  • production in accordance with EN ISO 4074
  • legal labels in accordance with the German MPG
  • corresponding to EU Medical Devises Ordinance 2017/745 (MDR)
  • observing the applicable regulations of the MPAV.

The CondomCard® square1one is filled with 1 condom in square sealing foil. You can find attractive branded condoms in the “Condomery” area in the gallery selection.

The CondomCard® square1one:

  • closed format: 6.6 x 6.6 cm
  • open format: 19.0 x 11.8 cm
  • front side to be designed individually
  • with 1 medical condom in square sealing foil
  • minimum print run: 2,000 cards
  • delivery time: from 3-4 weeks after print approval
    depending on the order quantity

1 folding card in square form!