The Advertising Tool

1 Cover for the silent Lover!

Men would love to know all the things that women keep in their handbags ...! This picture provides the answer. But 2 things are still missing in the handbag:

  • a CondomCard® for a real date,
  • a CoverCard for the special friend at home or on the go.



Aside from the CondomCard® with a medical condom, the CoverCard, which can also be designed for advertising, the HGH Card & Care Service offers hygienic protective covers for LoveToys of all kinds. The latter is available if you order just 1,000 pieces.

These are the key features of the covers (protective covers):

  • high-quality natural rubber latex
  • not coated (dry), transparent
  • smooth, cylindrical form without reservoir tip
  • length: 200 mm, Nominal width: 51 mm
  • thickness: 0.065 mm +/- 0.01 mm, Ø: 28 or 34 mm
  • manufactured in Germany and individually electronically tested
  • packaged in wrapped square gold-coloured sealing foil
  • for hygienic protection for use with vibrators and dildos
    (However not to be used as a contraceptive.)
  • 1 piece in square sealing foil is fit for the square CoverCard square1one
  • 2 pieces in square sealing foil are planned for the oblong CoverCard square2two.

Now the contents of the handbag is complete and LADY can go equipped to the next dildo or toy party.

1 CoverCard for today’s woman!