CondomCard® 72seventy-two

2 or 3 Condoms in oblong sealing foil!

The CondomCard® 72seventy-two with its handy, solid and proven folding technology offers a lot of place for your advertising message and enough room for 2 branded condoms. You can design the front side, both side wings and a fold-in outer flap completely according to your wishes and your communication presentation.

For individual presentation with photos, sketches, graphics and/or informative text, the following areas are available:

    - outside:
        - front side
        - side wings
   - inside (optional):
        - upper side
        - middle side
        - 2 side wings
        - lower folding flap.

The fold-in back side and part of the outer side are reserved for the following legal information which must be printed on the outer packaging:

  • production in accordance with EN ISO 4074
  • legal labels in accordance with the German MPG
  • corresponding to EU Medical Devises Ordinance 2017/745 (MDR)
  • observing the applicable regulations of the MPAV.

The CondomCard® 72seventy-two:

  • closed format: 10.0 x 7.2 cm
  • open format: 20.6 x 16.0 cm
  • front side to be designed individually
  • with 2 or 3 medical condoms in oblong foils
  • with outer and inner printed labelling
  • minimim print run: 2,000 cards
  • delivery time: from 3-4 weeks after print approval
    depending on the orderquantity

1 Legal label!