Customer sectors

Men and women!

The CondomCard® is an ideal medium to provide information and to advertise for the following sectors. In addition, there is a corresponding “template sample” for immediate or later use.                  

- Outdoor pursuits centres 
- Gynaecology practices 
- Insurance companies
- Medical institutions
- Student services
- Travel agencies      
- Bus companies
- Health centres   
- Guest houses
- Youth hostels
- Radio/TV
- Schools
- Discos
- Hotels
- Clubs
- Bars.        

Of course, the advertising condoms (sometimes also called “condom letters”) can also be used in other sectors.

The “youth of today” are growing up with them.
The “woman of the world” has them in her handbag.
The “men of creation” always find a little place for them.
The item is very sought after – that chance for your advertising!

Still young and a little bit older!