1 Female Condom!

Female condoms aren't so well known, but are nevertheless used all over the world. If a special project is to be executed, the HGH Card & Care Service offers the CondomCard® in a special format with a female condom (also known as “femidom”) where necessary. There are 4 products to choose from:

These are the properties of this contraceptive at a glance:

  • Certification:                      ISO 25841 /CE 0088, CE 0434, CE459
  • Condom material:             natural rubber latex or latex-free nitrile rubber
  • Coating:                              lubricant
  • Condom length:                180 mm
  • Condom width:                 54 mm
  • Condom weight:               10 g
  • Condom colour:                transparent
  • Sealing foil shape:            oblong
  • Sealing foil dimensions:  approx. 80 x 130 mm
  • Total weight:                      12 g
  • Sealing foil colour:            violet/white.

1 CondomCard!