Postage stamp selection

Stamps in a StampCard - for global players!

The StampCard® is neutral!
You can furnish the StampCard in a number of different ways as follows, or alternatively a combination of your choice as provided by HGH Card & Care Service:   
    - currently available postage stamps, both domestic & foreign
    - personalised branding (if available)
    - special editions of private Postal Service providers.

Is your company represented internationally and do you have offices or divisions abroad? Besides the German stamps you could then place corresponding foreign postage stamps in the StampCard!

The Website of the Universal Postal Union provides a comprehensive online overview of recent postage stamp editions from around the world:
               (Postal Administations)
               (with data bank)
The spectrum reaches from children’s motives via technology to environmental protection. Particular attention should be drawn to the unusual formats, materials and scents of the available stamps.

Some examples from around the world:
   • Format
       • Triangular-shaped from Monaco
       • Diamond-shaped from Romania
       • Trapezium & pentagon-shaped from Malta
       • Octagonal from Turkey
       • Arch-shaped from Canada
       • Heart-shaped from France
       • Circular from Aland
       • Multi-shaped from Tonga in Polynesia
         (special editions in shapes of bananas,
         derricks, crosses, stars etc.)
   • Material
       • Stamps on metal foil from Hungary
       • Base material of silk from Poland
       • Embroidery from Switzerland
       • Synthetic fibre from Bhutan
       • Wood-printed from Gabon
   • Scents (Stamps with aromatic substances)
       • Rose-scented (Bhutan)
       • Chocolate (Switzerland)
       • Jasmine (Nordfolk)
       • Coffee (Brazil)

This diversity opens infinite paths of communication enabling creative design possibilities as expected from a successful marketing department. Paving the way for international deployment of the StampCard within your company group or concern at any time and for wide-ranging potential occasions.

International stamps for international companies!