Tokens & Co.!

In addition to cash and collectable coins that can be used for payment, the CoinCard can also be filled with individual commemorative coins, medals, thalers and tokens. These are available in:

  • various edge heights and types of hole
    • edge height 0.16 cm
    • ddge height 0.,23 cm
    • upper hole 0.35 cm
    • central hole 0.61 cm
  • a variety of designs
    • smooth or ribbed
    • matt or glossy
  • creative elements
    • colour embossing
    • photo colour printing
    • dual materials
    • enamelled insets
  • and diverse surface finish options:
    • gilded (up to 24 carat)
    • silver plated
    • copper plated
    • nickel plated
    • brass plated.

In order to slightly limit the selection, HGH Card & Care Service essentially offer the metal tokens under the 6 following parameters:

  • Material:                 stainless zinc alloy
  • Size:                        Diameter 23.2 mm
  • Thickness:              1.6 mm or 2.3 mm
  • Design:                   with or without hole
  • Advertising space: one or both sides
  • Finishing:                single or combined
    • coinage (2D)
    • print (until 4c)
    • cut out (2D or 3D)
    • enamel (soft or hard).

A token with a diameter of 23.2 mm, an edge height of 1.6 mm or 2.3 mm and a hole of 3.5 mm or even 6.1 mm (so that it cannot be used as a Euro coin) is the perfect advertising medium for a shopping trolley chip made of metal (with a finishing of your choice) according to the German medal regulations (MedaillenV).

Speaking of Shopping Trolleys: The following colourful graphics speak for themselves & provide unbeatable inspiration for your own design, for example using a national flag.

The "top solution" is naturally a 24 carat shopping trolley chip gilded with real gold for a shopping trolley. You can thereby give away a GoldenShoppingChip in the CoinCard. In this way, you can gold-plate your advertising message. Every recipient would be proud of this valuable shopping trolley chip and take good care of it. Your customers will have the token with them for every purchase and see your logo either coined or imprinted.

Finishing included!