Added benefits

Front side: customised cleaner pad!

The following possibilities are available to you for the promotional design of the popular 2-sided MobileCleanerCard:

Cleaer pad: e.g. Company logo (nm Corporate Design)
Front side of the card: e.g. with QR-Code (Quick Response Code)
Back side of the card: e.g. added benefits (such as contact details or tables)
Cellophane bag: e.g. colour printing available (up to 8 colours in flexo printing).

3-4 sides of advertising space – be sure to make full use of it!

The HGH Card & Care Service has applied a "Design QR Code" to its own MobileCleanerCard, which includes a link to the company website. It is certainly possible to create complex so-called "Custom QR Codes", customise these in line with the existing corporate design and integrate them into your MobileCleanerCard.

QR-Codes open up multiple opportunities and you can link your customers/guests/patients to your website directly. This enables instant access to content such as:
    - Apps
    - Events
    - Recipes
    - Websites
    - Site plans
    - Timetables
    - Online shops
    - Appointments
    - Opening hours
    - Press contacts
    - Package leaflets
    - Product information
    - Emergency numbers
    - Accounts for donations.

Reverse side: freely selectable added benefits!