Condom Selection

Many arts!

The CondomCard® can be equipped with branded condoms for gentlemen from diverse manufacturers. But not all condoms are the same! There are many differences regarding:

  • Materials              (natural rubber latex, polyisoprene or artificial resin derivative AT-10)
  • Amendments       (vegan and fair trade)
  • Surfaces               (e.g. finely studded or ribbed)
  • Coatings               (e.g. normal lube or water-based aquagel)
  • Shapes                  (cylindrical or contoured)
  • Condom colours  (natural, yellow, pink, red, blue, green, black)
  • Foil colours           (while, yellow, pink, red, blue, green, black, silver, gold)
  • Sizes                      (lengths and nominal widths)
  • Sealing foils          (oblong, square or round)
  • Thickness             (from extremely thin to extra strong)
  • Flavourings           (banana, blueberry, strawberry, mint, tutti-frutti, cola).

Last but not least, there are now also condoms for circumcised men, a new product from France. However, the HGH Card & Care Service doesn’t offer so-called “joke condoms”, which don't actually meet the requirements of the MPG [Medical Device Act]. Aside from contraception, one of the main tasks of a condom is the protection against sexually transmitted infections. The illustration below demonstrates very clearly what kinds of bacteria, germs and viruses can gather on a protective cover.

The HGH Card & Care Service has (as a start) a product range of 29 condoms to fill the CondomCard®. This includes a colourful variety of 5 well-known selected manufacturers to choose from.

One thing all condoms have in common: a minimum shelf life of 4 years.

You can look out your desired condom online in the “condoms” gallery selection. Would you like to initiate a very special campaign? Will you use a special condom for that as well? Have you got a little bit more in your budget?

Therefore is a range of special condoms with specific features such as:

  • sensitive, extremely thin or even latex-free
  • super thin material of only 0.04 mm
  • highly elastic for particular strain
  • stronger version of 0.1 mm
  • spiral head part
  • ribbed, studded
  • odourless
  • fair-trade
  • vegan.

Aside from use in the 4 CondomCards®, various branded condoms can also be purchased from a certain quantity at the HGH Card & Care Service (from Europe’s leading manufacturer “CPR” to the world market leader “DUREX”).

If it’s come as far as in this photo, then ...!

Many colours!