Condom Selection

6 Brands!

The CondomCard® can be equipped with branded condoms for gentlemen from diverse manufacturers. But not all condoms are the same! There are many differences regarding:

  • Materials              (natural rubber latex, polyisoprene or artificial resin derivative AT-10)
  • Amendments       (vegan and fair trade)
  • Surfaces               (e.g. finely studded or ribbed)
  • Coatings               (e.g. normal lube or water-based aquagel)
  • Shapes                  (cylindrical or contoured)
  • Condom colours  (natural, yellow, pink, red, blue, green, black)
  • Foil colours           (while, yellow, pink, red, blue, green, black, silver, gold)
  • Sizes                      (lengths and nominal widths)
  • Sealing foils          (oblong, square or round)
  • Thickness             (from extremely thin to extra strong)
  • Flavourings           (banana, blueberry, strawberry, mint, tutti-frutti, cola).

Last but not least, there are now also condoms for circumcised men, a new product from France. However, the HGH Card & Care Service doesn’t offer so-called “joke condoms”, which don't actually meet the requirements of the MPG [Medical Device Act]. Aside from contraception, one of the main tasks of a condom is the protection against sexually transmitted infections. The illustration below demonstrates very clearly what kinds of bacteria, germs and viruses can gather on a protective cover.

The HGH Card & Care Service has (as a start) a product range of 29 condoms to fill the CondomCard®. This includes a colourful variety of 5 well-known selected manufacturers to choose from.

One thing all condoms have in common: a minimum shelf life of 4 years.

You can look out your desired condom online in the “condoms” gallery selection. Would you like to initiate a very special campaign? Will you use a special condom for that as well? Have you got a little bit more in your budget?

Therefore is a range of special condoms with specific features such as:

  • sensitive, extremely thin or even latex-free
  • super thin material of only 0.04 mm
  • highly elastic for particular strain
  • stronger version of 0.1 mm
  • spiral head part
  • ribbed, studded
  • odourless
  • fair-trade
  • vegan.

Aside from use in the 4 CondomCards®, various branded condoms can also be purchased from a certain quantity at the HGH Card & Care Service (from Europe’s leading manufacturer “CPR” to the world market leader “DUREX”).

The respective product features, material composition and dimensions of the products offered can be found below next to the corresponding producers.

  • CPR, D-Sarstedt
  • MPT, D-Erfurt
  • Innolatex, MAL-Port Klang
  • Medical Latex, MAL-Senai
  • Unique, CO-Bogotá

If it’s come as far as in this photo, then ...!

29 Condoms!