StampCard 8side

Multi-sided means multi-purpose!

Universal usage!
In addition to the already proven benefits of the StampCard 6side, the StampCard 8side provides 2 additional areas for even more information and advertising potential. This "high-end" solution features not only the characteristic "postage-inside" attribute but also highlights extended usage thanks to the 7 cheque-size sides.

StampCard 8side:

  • minimum order 500 pcs. per print run
  • with 2 additional detachable sections
  • possible 7 sides of individual designs
  • accommodates up to 10 mint postage stamps
  • interchangeable wording and postage stamps possible
  • lead-time 2-3 weeks after printing approval

This StampCard family’s product allows 8 pages of communication on less than 20 cm².

Unfold, be amazed, smile and enjoy!