Areas of use

Small card - huge effect!

This innovative advertising medium is an effective marketing instrument for optimising dialogue with your customers and business partners. This enables you to ensure a positive and lasting impression whilst presenting your own business in a unique manner.

Use the StampCard for example …

     • As an „eye-opener“ for new contacts:
             The StampCard guarantees a second look &
             eases introduction into sales discussions.

     • To say "Thank You!": 
              There are many occasions for which the StampCard
              could be used to say thank you:
                       • Successful project closure
                       • Long-standing cooperation
                       • Christmas
                       • Birthdays.

     • As an effective Mailing-booster:
               The enclosed return postage encourages the targeted
               audience to respond.

     • As a charming Sorry-Card:
               Everyone makes mistakes. React to criticism by sending
               a StampCard to say a sincere "Sorry!".

Featuring your Corporate Design, the StampCard can be fully integrated into your overall marketing strategy.

StampCard usage examples:

  • Image campaigns
  • Give aways at events
  • Thank you's / Apologies
  • Company anniversaries
  • New product introductions
  • Response-booster for mailings
  • Company presentations in schools
  • Contact tool for exhibitions & sales force
  • Freebie for customers, business partners,
  • guestes, visitors, seminar participants, patients etc.

For any & every occasion!