ReliefCard 46forty-six

Size: check card!

The ReliefCard 46forty-six

  • is as light as a feather,
  • ideal for mail shots
  • or for use as place cards.

At the top the card has a small label which can be inscribed by hand (e.g. with a gold coloured pen) for personalisation.

Illustrations and examples you will find in the Gallery ReliefCards 46forty-six.

The ReliefCard 46forty-six:

  • Check card format: 8.5 x 5.4 cm
  • Minimum order size:
  • - 150 pieces plus tool costs
    - 250 pieces without tool costs
  • 1 side for customised designs
  • Delivery time:
      approx. 3 weeks after layout approval
      depending on the order size
  •   and the complexity of the motif

Version: S like Small!