Areas of use

The card comes first!

HGH Card & Care Service's new CoinCards in the popular credit card and post card formats open up many interesting possible uses:

  • for visitors,
  • at exhibitions,
  • for special offers,
  • for establishing contact,
  • in complaint management
  • or as a part of a mailing campaign.

The folding cards can be filled with 3 types of round content sections, allowing the following opportunities:

  • With special-issue 2 Euro coins and themes from EU member states you can give every special offer a European or international touch.
  • Should the CoinCard be fitted with a medal or commemorative coin, the credit card sized folding card offers a lot of room for photos, texts and further information. Thalers (old-style coins) are very popular and are used as e.g.
    • gift thalers
    • loyalty thalers
    • family thalers 
    • fortune thalers
    • pharmacy thalers.
  • A shopping trolley chip in a (folding-)card designed for advertising is the ideal mailing supplement. It is the best way for the recipients or presentees to hold    on to both the card + coin so that they always have them handy - for example, in:
    • car
    • wallets
    • key holder
    • and/or in shopping bags.

The CoinCard makes shopping so much fun.

This leads to the success of your campaign!