The Medical Advertising Tool

Lubricant in a sachet!

For a special project, the sachets of lubricant can also be used alone in the new LubriCard and even in all 4 product versions, which can either be printed in 4/0c or 4/4c:

  • LubriCard 46plus
  • LubriCard 72seventy-two
  • LubriCard square1one
  • LubriCard square2two.

Lubricant is the entry product in terms of adequate and meaningful “erotic accessories” and is becoming more and more popular. But not all lubricants are the same. The following points give some information, perhaps even linked to a new point of view and positive attitude towards this product:

1. Lubricants are class I medical products in accordance with the Medizinproduktegesetz [Medical Devices Act] (MPG). As well as the “erotic area”, it is also used in “medicine class” (gynaecology), as lubricant is used for dry and highly sensitive mucosa in the vaginal area.

In the standard version with their CE labelled sachet they are mostly:

  • dermatologically tested
  • colour- and odourless
  • neutral in taste
  • oil and perfume free
  • and very economical.

2. There are various types of lubricant such as e.g.:

  • water-based     (water soluble, easily washed off and sugar free)
  • silicone-based  (smooth and very compatible with condoms)
  • oil-based           (incompatible with condoms, but very smooth)
  • massage gel      (lubricating and massage gel in one, for erotic massages)
  • flavour               (with flavoured lubricant and exciting scents)
  • vegan                (contains no animal products and not tested on animals).

3. In addition 3 formats of sachets are available:

  • square
  • oblong standard
  • and oblong special format.




4. The application possibilities of lubricant for the “end user” involve a lot of very new experiences.

  • Lubricants can be used together with condoms.
  • Lubricants can jazz up your love life in fun and fruity ways.
  • Lubricants are suitable for supporting oral, vaginal and anal sex.
  • Lubricants make your hours together more intense, for women as well as men.
  • Lubricants can be used with all kinds of toys such as e.g. vibrators, stimulators, dildos or butt plugs and make the experience more sensual.
  • Lubricants are great for self-pleasure. The smooth friction gives an additional feeling of exhilaration for both genders.
  • Lubricants make your partner’s satisfaction by hand even more sensual.
  • Lubricants with scents, flavourings, stimulation or heat effects have a very special added value.
  • Lubricants promote a sensual experience, heightened pleasure, frictionless love play and a wonderful enrichment.

Lubricating gel will become experience gel!

5. The use of sachets of lubricant for marketing and advertisement are evident, as a combination of condom + lubricant is in the nature of things. Including both products in combination from the same manufacturer in one card is possible, but doesn't have to be the case because “there are plenty of fish in the sea” and the sachet selection is large and varied.

With the 2 product variants

   - CondomCard® 72seventy-two
(for 1 condom in oblong sealing foil + 1 sachet of lubricant in oblong format)
   - CondomCard® square2two
(for 1 condom in square sealing foil + 1 sachet of lubricant in square format)

the HGH Card & Care Service offers two ideal solutions for combined contents of condoms and lubricant sachets. All folding cards are sealed with a 20 mm round transparent adhesive point after filling.

Sachet in the folding card!