CoverCard square2two

Outside: an attractive layout!

Something erotic? Yes please – and lots of advertising space as well!
These are the ingredients for it:

  • 1 folding card,
  • 1 layout and
  • 2 covers.

This is all included in the individually designable CoverCard square2two.

In addition to the large front page, there is a fold-in outer area and both side wings which can also be freely designed. The fold-in rear side and part of the outer side are reserved for the following legal information, which must be printed on the outer packaging. If you have a lot to say, you can also optionally use all interior sides.

The folding card is filled with 2 covers in the sizes 28 and/or 34 mm Ø, wrapped in square sealing foil so that germs, bacteria, viruses and pathogens don’t have a chance.

The CoverCard square2two:

  • open format: 21.7 x 20.7 cm
  • closed format: 13.0 x 7.5 cm
  • front side to be designed individually
  • with 2 transparent covers in sealing foil
  • minimum circulation: 1,000 pieces
  • delivery time: from 2-3 weeks after print approval


Inside: a twofold content!