Fields of application

Mailing, mailing, mailing!

The advantages of MobileCleanerCard are hard to beat, as this advertising medium is
     - trendy,
     - state-of-the-art,
     - ultralight,
     - affordable,
     - continuously promotionally effective
     - and available to all.
This gives rise to various fields of application:
          - at events
          - at trade fairs
          - and exhibitions
     - THANK YOU gift
          - supplement to order confirmations
          - bonus upon purchasing another product
     - APOLOGY gift
          - complaint management
     - MAILING supplement
          - light as a feather at 3 grams
          - suitable at any time of the year
     - WELCOME present
          - in hotels
          - on trains
          - in planes
          - and on board ships.
Thanks to its extremely slim and lightweight design, the MobileCleanerCard is an ideal supplement in magazines or in addition to salary printouts. You can, of course, also re-sell the product in your "online shop".

The high end solution is a folder with 2 cards:
     -  MobileCleanerCard
     + MobileStopperCard.

You don't get this much advertising space every day:
     - 1 folder: 3 sides
     - 2 cards: 2 x 2 sides
     - 2 pads: 2 sides.

Trade fairs, events, shops!