Coaster Soft

3D coasters in 4 standard colours!

With the new coloured SoftCoasters of the HGH Card & Care Service, your advertisement comes "freshly-served" right on the table … and there are tables in many places, e.g.:
     - foyer
     - hotel
     - office
     - atrium
     - lounge
     - brewery
     - hospital
     - reception
     - workshop
     - laboratory
     - info stand
     - restaurant
     - juice stand
     - guest room
     - meeting room
     - reception desk.

4 Standard motifs are available:

      - yellow: Pineapple
      - orange: Orange
      - light blue: Grape
      - light green: Apple.

The coasters are colourful and only 2 mm thick. Various (drinking) vessels can be placed on them, such as the following:
     - glasses
     - mugs
     - cups
     - bowls.
Whether hot or cold drinks, the smooth SoftCoasters give all surfaces sure protection from scratches, defects and marks.

Here are the 10 TOP criteria of the SoftCoasters:
     - flexible
     - non-slip
     - washable
     - recyclable
     - squeezable
     - avoids marks
     - no PVC softener
     - attractive design
     - current, trendy colours
     - environmentally-friendly manufacture.
Thanks to their soft cushioning effect, the pretty coasters, made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), are also suitable for glass tables. The 4 colours or 4 fruit motifs offer countless usage possibilities.

However, this is where it starts to get really interesting:
For a minimum quantity of 2,000 coasters, you can commission your individual SoftCoaster with its "own" 3D motif at the top left in the corner, e.g.:
     - nut
     - kiwi
     - pear
     - berries
     - banana
     - ice cream
     - easter egg
     - product logo
     - animal motif
     - chemists logo
     - company logo
     - anniversary figures.

For optimised exclusivity and at slightly premium cost, the colour of the coaster, including the motif in 4 colours, can also be chosen customer-specifically with a special colouring according to Pantone.

The SoftCoaster:

Material: TPE basis
Format: 8,8 (+ fruit motif) x 8,8 x 0,2 cm
Weight: 22 grams
Advertising: 4c digital printing
Packaging: single plastic bag or multipack plastic box
Minimum order quantity: 250 pieces
Delivery time: approx. 2-3 weeks

Desk Top Advertising!