MobileCleanerCard 46forty-six

Card & Cleaner = CleanerCard!

The MobileCleanerCard 46forty-six from the HGH Card & Care Service is the product innovation of 2012. The card & cleaner pad each have rounded corners. In terms of weight, this advertising medium is probably one of the lightest means of advertising in the world! It consists of 3 individual parts and has 3-4 sides of advertising space:

   - 1 card  (8.5 x 5.4 cm – original credit card format)
      printing: 4/4c – 2 sides advertising space
   - 1 mini pad (4.0 x 3.0 cm – or special sizes)
      printing: 4c – 1 side advertising space
   - 1 cellophane bag (8.6 x 6.0 cm – transparent and re-sealable)
      printing of up to 8c in flexo printing feasible
   =   3 parts (incl. 2 x packaging)

The entire product weighs just 3 grams and is the perfect mailing supplement with versatile and long-lasting advertising space that reaches your customers immediately!

The MiniCleanerPad can be applied to the following devices:
     - Mobile phone
     - Binoculars
     - Photo lenses
     - MP3 player
     - Wrist watch
     - Digital camera.
The MiniCleanerPad is infinitely reusable, leaves behind no adhesive residues and results in a clear display and clean devices after use. The standard size for the CleanerPad is 4.0 x 3.0 cm – ideal for a national flag design.

Naturally, other forms are also available, e.g.:
     - round elliptical
     - quadrangular polygonal
     - rectangular square
     - special forms (speech bubble, telephone, star, heart, egg, Santa Claus etc.).

The MobileCleanerCard 46forty-six:

  • Size: 8.5 x 5.4 cm
  • Minimum print run: 1,000 pcs.
  • Advertising: Card: 2 sides (4/4c), Cleaner: 1 side (4c)
  • Packaging: Cellophane bag
  • Delivery time: approx. 4 weeks

If you wish and if your layout and budget allows, it's also certainly possible to put 2 pads on 1 card – why not?!

1 Product = 3 Advertising spaces!