See it, feel it!

Convince yourself of the StampCard's advantages and quality:

     - General 
            - modern, international product name
            - ideal for portrait format layouts
              (foldable like a book)
            - neutral product
              (furnished with postages stamps of the world)
            - 3 product variants, 4, 6 and 8-sided

     - Product
            - sturdy folding card with high stability
            - various paper types available
              (from recyclable to chromolux paper)
            - selection of paper finishes
              (from printing effects to cellophane finish)
            - special creative versions
              (from fragrance-varnish to lenticular technology
            - crystal clear, plastic insertion lashes
              (suitable and individual to the stamps)

     - Packaging
            - Microsnap® plastic bag containing 25 StampCards
            - 10 bags fit into a white folding box with carrying slots
            - The boxes are packed in to sturdy master cartons.

Your customers and guests will love the StampCard!