CoinCard 2side - Glue dot

2 sides + 1 chip!

The CoinCard 2side - Glue dot is HGH Card & Care Service's "entry model". Weighing around 3 grams, it's feather light and is especially suitable for use as a mailing supplement in high volumes. Both sides can be completely individually designed. On the title page, "your gift" is attached in the form of a wooden or plastic shopping trolley chip with a semi-permanent silicone glue dot. The small re-sealable cellophane bag adds a little more value to the product and the CoinCard can thereby be used as a nice "give-away" present.

These are the 7 features of the 2 paged card:

  •   Carrier card:                     a solid picture print card 400 g/m²
  •   Finishing:                         UV-varnish on both sides
  •   Processing:                      stamped, rounded corners
  •   Plastic chip:                     ABS/Polystyrene, 2 mm thick
  •   Silicone glue dot:             semi-permanent, Ø 8 mm
  •   Small cellophane bag:     transparent, OPP 40 µ
  •   Packaging:                        manual.

A birch wood chip can also be selected as an alternative to the plastic chip. It is up to the customer to decide whether a real gold-plated metal chip is too valuable for this package or whether the approximate value of a mint postage stamp indeed suits this concept.

CoinCard 2side –Glue dot:

  •  credit card shape: 8.5 x 5.4 cm
  •  2 pages for individual design
  •  picture print card + lamination
  •  with 1 chip made from plastic or wood
  •  in a small transparent cellophane bag
  •  minimum order number: 500 pieces
  •  delivery time: approx. 2-3 weeks

5 parts = 1 product!