CoinCard DINA6 - Capsule

1 postcard + 1 capsule + 1 token!

The HGH Card & Care Service offers a special version of the CoinCard DIN A6 in its original postcard format with a coin capsule. Made from picture print carton 400 g/m², the robust advertising card can be individually designed on both sides and includes a hole into which the capsule is integrated. This is made from a transparent rigid plastic (cover and base). The contents can be easily removed. Should the recipient want to get at their “bounty” quick and easy, then this is the perfect solution.

These are the 7 features of the 2 sided DIN A6 card including capsule:

  •   Carrier card:               picture print carton 400 g/m²
  •   Finishing:                    dispersion varnish on both sides
  •   Processing:                punched hole and cut edges
  •   Plastic capsule:         crystal clear, Ø inside 23.5 mm, Ø outside 30.0 mm
  •   Equipped with:           chip, coin or token
  •   Cellophane bag:        transparent, OPP 40 µ
  •   Packaging:                manual.        

There is so much room on the CoinCard DIN A6 – Capsule in postcard format, that two or more capsules with special punched holes can be integrated according to the customer's wishes. It can be filled from a selection of 3 types of round parts:

CoinCard DIN A6 - Capsule:

  •  postcard format: 14.8 x 10.5 cm
  •  2 sides that can be individually designed
  •  picture print carton + dispersion varnish
  •  chip(s) made from plastic, wood and/or metal
  •  in a small transparent cellophane bag
  •  minimum order number: 500 pieces
  •  delivery time: approx. 2-3 weeks

1 punched hole + 1 dispersion vanish + 1 small cellophane bag!