CoinCard 4side - Blister (at work)

4 pages + 1 coin!

The CoinCard 4side - Blister is HGH Card & Care Service's "exclusive product solution". It can be individually designed to suit corporate identity or corporate design – all 4 pages. The lower inside page (page 3) can be equipped with one of the following:

  • a shopping trolley chip,
  • an individual token,
  • a real cash coin,
  • or a medal.

These come in a blister pack. If the folding card contains a high value coin or a personalised medal and the CoinCard is intended as a lasting gift, then this variant is the correct solution with its more elaborate blister packaging.

There are 2 types of blisters:

  • Pop-up:    The coin can be removed through the opening above.
  • Pop-in:     The coin stays protected in the blister packaging.

When using the high quality blister packaging, the entire original folding card comprises of 8 sides in an open format. The individually manufactured folding blister is manually incorporated. By filling the high-quality CoinCard 4side - Blister with metal coins, the following products can be used:

  • 1 mint condition special-issue coin from anywhere in the world,
  • 1 real gilded metal shopping trolley chip or
  • 1 round chip made from real gold, silver, bronze, or copper.

What is the next higher step after the StampCard®? Exactly: the CoinCard!
Newly minted postage stamps are well preserved with StampCard® because the commemorative stamps on the inside are as good as cash. With legal tender coins, it is certain that nobody would throw away CoinCard because "cash is king"!
"You can't give money as a present, though... can you?!" Yes, you can – and in a very exclusive and promotionally effective way using HGH Card & Care Service's new CoinCard! As for contents, nothing is more suitable than the special edition the 2 Euro special-issue coins that are popular throughout the whole of Europe that feature images of places of interest from member states. The series of these coins progress successively.          

                 Your individual layout
                 +    the CoinCard
                 +    a € 2 special-issue coin
                 +    a transparent plastic capsule
                 =    The perfect folding card with "valuable" contents!

In principle, all 4 sides can be individually customised, excluding the space(s) on page 3 or 4 where the coins are. The card is made from high quality chromolux-card 250 g/m² and receives a long-lasting high gloss varnish.
With this "European" product, you stay up-to-date and keep your finger on the pulse:

  • What do you need more than money (apart from health and love)?
  • What is more practical than credit card sized advertising that can be kept in a wallet and used for a long time?
  • What is more up to date than €2 coins from Europe?

These special-issue coins are not only a legal means of payment, they also carry a high collector value. Therefore, it may well be that your CoinCard designed with your advertisement will be kept in the original for a lifetime or at least until the next generation.

CoinCard 4side - Blister:

  •  closed format: 8.5 x 5.4 cm
  •  with double tongue
  •  all 4 sides to be individually designed
  •  with 1 coin
  •  in a transparent blister pack
  •  minimum order number: 500 pieces
  •  delivery time: approx. 2-3 weeks after print approval

The product is also ideal for young customers. When they are 10 or 20 years older, the special 2 Euro coins will already have a considerable collector value. One will happily remember CoinCard with your advertisement.

Hot tip No. 1:

The content does not have to be round. How about a cute little rectangular 1 gram bar made from gold, silver or bronze?

Hot tip No. 2:

In March 2014, Austria came up with a world leading innovation: a postage stamp made from real porcelain! The stamp features the "Viennese Rose" and carries the nominal value of 590 cents. Integrated into a CoinCard 4side with an appropriate blister, the complete work forms an unparalleled product solution.

Hot tip No. 4:

You can make the card even better by decorating the upper inside cover with one or more mint postage stamps from the HGH Card & Care Service. Your high-end solution therefore looks like this:

  • credit card sized folding card with a double tongue
  • your individual information/advertisements
  • 1 mint special-issue coin (e.g. € 2,00)
  • X mint commemorative stamps (at € 0.45 and/or € 0.62).

Just as with a bank's and saving bank's investment products, these CoinCard variants come with a combination of:

  • short-term use (mint postal stamps) and
  • mid- to long-term "mini capital-investments“ (€-special-issue coins).

2 uses + 1 hole!